Mesothelioma Testimonials

We are Redefining Legal Care. Developing relationships with our clients allows us to provide the best representation possible. The Lanier Law Firm strives to assist each mesothelioma client with the best legal advice and representation possible. Below are just a few of testimonials from mesothelioma clients and their loved ones.

Thank all of you at Lanier Law Firm. Each one has touched our lives. We could not believe the closeness we felt for you. Because of your hard work Charles had the best care possible and anything he wanted or needed.

Wanda Latham and Family

On behalf of myself and my family, we want to sincerely thank you for all your efforts and success on our behalf. The experience helped us to better understand Syd’s condition. We were so lucky to have you on our side.

There aren’t enough words to express our appreciation for your kindness and consideration for us. Truly, you made us feel special. You are a great team.

May all of you continue to be blessed each and every day. You can’t lose. You have the Lord on your side.

Arlene Faulkner

Just received a very nice check and wanted you to know how much it and all the others were appreciated.

It’s been almost 3 years since Bill’s passing, so thank you also for all your comforting awards in the past when I called — as well as listening.

Time does a lot of healing, but I still miss his presence every day.


Brent, Barry, and I wish to thank you once again for all your hard work in bringing a successful suit against the companies that used asbestos products that killed my husband, Harold Barnes in 2002. We feel indebted to you and will always remember you for helping to give us such a wonderful life financially since 2003.

We had a great life with Harold for 52 years and I still miss him very much. I hope you and your family enjoy 2006 with the best of God’’s blessings. Congratulations on one of your company’s Vioxx suits. Hope your children are find and healthy. Shalom!

Mrs. Harold Barnes

Thank you so much for the lovely plant you sent me in remembrance of our Sal. We’re still in shock over Sal’s sudden passing, but somehow we are getting inner strength through the comfort and support of very special people like all of you. May Sal’s memory be eternal.

Phyllis Parisi and Family

We have met many attorneys and personnel at Lanier Law firm. Mark Lanier and his associates made us feel that we were special. We could not have had anyone that could have been more committed or caring. We thank you for that.

Wanda Latham

Your diligence and hard work on my husband’s case is deeply appreciated by his family. Heart felt thanks from all of us. He was a wonderful man, husband and father. Your efforts on his behalf are not wasted.

Family of Edward Ouellette

I’m finally able to sit down and write to you this long overdue letter of thanks. I know you realize the emotional state we were in after the trial in December. You are an amazing person! (My Mom and I decided you are the perfect man for the White House).

Not only did we appreciate your knowledge and professionalism in the courtroom, but your compassion for our loss was very heartfelt. Your passion behind your beliefs in this case came shining through, and we knew our families meant more to you than winning and money. Just four years before my Dad died, my brother died of throat cancer at just 42 leaving behind two young children. He worked for my Dad since a very young man. After hearing all the testimony in the court room, we wondered if the asbestos wasn’t the cause. (We never want to pursue this — once is enough). My Dad was almost 73, and had never been in a hospital in his life. After waiting into the night after a very long surgery, we were told he had mesothelioma. Something we’d never heard of. The surgery was very complicated and just started going downhill. He never left the hospital. They had to perform a tracheotomy on him, so after he came out of surgery, we never even got to hear the sound of his voice. He put up a good fight, but after five weeks, we had to take him off of life support. Mr. Latham really reminded me so much of Daddy. He was little and sweet, loved his garden, and loved to fish. We felt so blessed to have gotten to know him and all the families.

We are all hard working people, and these checks are more money than we have ever known (more money than a lot of people will ever see). We’d give it all back just for one more meal on Christmas with my Dad. We’ve shared it with our churches and other organizations that are always in need of help. Even though I’m sure you already know this, you can be extremely proud of all the great people you have working with you. They are not only extremely helpful and patient, but warm and caring as well. Taylor, Angela, Patrick, Chandra, and Leslie and Tiffany in Austin made this all easier for us. A special praise for Melissa — we couldn’t have made it without her. That woman is a trooper, and went above and beyond the call of duty during trial. Again, words can truly not express the gratitude I have for you and your firm.

You gave my father his voice and his day in court. My mother and brother feel the same way, and I wrote this letter for all of us. The day after the trial, I woke up, wept, and truly felt my father breathe his last breath, and my mother did the same. He had died a year and a half earlier, but only felt truly gone after the trial. We still deal with the loss, but the trial brought the closure we all needed. Keep up the good work.

Sherry Renick

I want to express my appreciation for the lovely Peace Lily you sent in memory of Jack. Your love, help and prayers mean a lot at this time. I was wondering how I was going to buy the marker for his grave, then the check came.


Please express our deepest gratitude to your family and the Lanier Law Firm for the beautiful plant that was delivered in Mike’s memory

I’m sure Mike is very pleased to be represented by you and a firm so understanding and caring. His only regret, “I’m sure” is that he never got to meet you Erik before he passed.

Again, thank you so much for everything!

Dionne Family

Thank you sincerely for your thoughtfulness during my husband, Robert’s illness and passing.

It was a very difficult time for our family and Erik’s visits although of a business nature were a welcome for “Bob”. I am so grateful that someone from your firm could see the wonderful qualities he possessed. His love of every man and of life. Heaven has a Special Angel.

The beautiful peace plant was a kind gesture and has a special place in our hearts and home.

Kathleen Esker and Family

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