Choosing a Mesothelioma Law Firm

When choosing a law firm to represent you or a loved one who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is important to interview the law firm and investigate their history with mesothelioma cases. Here are some important questions that you should be asking a mesothelioma law firm:

  • Are you a national law firm?
    The Lanier Law Firm, which owns Mesothelioma Law Firm, is a national law firm with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Houston. After providing you a free case evaluation, a lawyer from The Lanier Law Firm will fly directly to you.
  • How many years of experience does this mesothelioma law firm provide for your clients?
    The Lanier Law Firm has been handling mesothelioma cases since the 1990’s.
  • How many mesothelioma (not just asbestos) cases has this mesothelioma law firm handled?
    The Lanier Law Firm has significant experience working on behalf of families and victims of chemical exposures. Since 1998, Mark Lanier and The Lanier Law Firm have won many substantial recoveries on behalf of asbestos exposure victims and those suffering from mesothelioma. One of those cases involved 21 steelworkers who contracted the asbestos disease while using a grinding wheel at an Alabama steel mill (Aaron, et al. v. Abex, et al., February 1998). The jury found the defendants liable for marketing and design defects, negligence, gross negligence and malice.
  • Will they take a case on a contingency basis?
    The Lanier Law Firm handles mesothelioma cases on a contingency basis. This means you pay absolutely nothing for legal representation.
  • What were the usual outcomes (out-of-court settlement, win, loss, appeal)?
    Please call us toll free at 1-844-520-8474 and speak to a legal representative. They will be able to provide you a history of our court cases and their outcomes. If you click here, you will see a few of the mesothelioma lawsuit results.
  • Will you be able to speak with members of the firm as needed? Will your calls be returned in a timely manner and your questions answered clearly?
    At The Lanier Law Firm, we understand that communication is paramount and vital for those suffering from a mesothelioma diagnosis. Generally, all calls and emails are answered immediately.
  • Will the law firm be handling your case personally?
    Many law firms that advertise using online outlets, TV, radio and newspapers will attempt to sign you up as a client and then sell off your case to whatever law firm bids the highest, including firms that may have literally no experience in mesothelioma court cases. The Mesothelioma Law Firm is operated and owned by The Lanier Law Firm. We do not sell off our clients’ mesothelioma cases to other law firms. We are one of the premiere national mesothelioma law firms in the country.

At The Lanier Law Firm, we are proud of the recognition that we’ve received, but we’re even more proud of the work that we do. In one case that gained a great deal of national attention, Mark Lanier was able to win a $115 million recovery for a number of asbestos victims. The impressive financial outcomes that we’ve won on behalf of our clients suffering from mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases have been noted in the national media as well as recognized by our peers. We continue to work hard on behalf of asbestos victims everywhere.

We also are extremely proud of our community involvement and our sponsorship of a number of research studies aimed at finding a cure for mesothelioma. As a result of this and many other attributes, Mark Lanier was recognized by The National Law Journal as one of the Top 100 Lawyers in America. (June 16, 2006)

Mark Lanier and every member of the staff at The Lanier Law Firm take a truly unique approach to the way that we work with our clients. We believe that representing your case is a privilege, and our personal touch truly makes a difference. That commitment to going the extra mile on behalf of our clients has helped us win high compensation amounts

The Lanier Law Firm has gained a national reputation for winning sizeable verdicts and settlements on behalf of victims of asbestos exposure. We are familiar with the laws and statutes regarding mesothelioma litigation in all 50 states, and we are able to provide you with experienced, well-qualified representation for your mesothelioma or asbestos-related disease case no matter where you are.

Our compassionate professional staff will make arrangements to speak with you about your case wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. If necessary, we will travel to where you are in order to interview you personally.

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